The idem incorporates a high resolution

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Unformatted text preview: strongly integrated model to simulate coupled surface / subsurface plane flows, such as a river valley with stream, floodplain, and free surface aquifer. Surface flow is modeled via the diffusive wave equation, and subsurface flow is modeled using the Dupuit-Boussinesq equation. This coupled model is applied to the Garonne river valley in the Toulouse-Moissac region (France). This application has required the elaboration of a geostatistical interpolation technique that produces an Integrated Digital Elevation Model (‘IDEM’). The IDEM incorporates a high resolution representation of river channels into the topographic DEM. Finally, beyond this specific application, the coupled surface / subsurface model is generalized to the case of salt / fresh density coupling, where the aquifer is subject to saltwater intrusion near a river mouth or an estuary. Keywords Saltwater intrusion Stochastic modeling Porous media & hydrogeology Groundwater & aquifers Integrated Digital Elevation Model (IDEM, DEM) Richards equation Dupuit-Boussinesq equation Surface / subsurface coupling Finite volumes 2D / 3D...
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