The python interface is intended to be a platform for

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Unformatted text preview: the two versions. The use of finiteelement and integrated-finite-difference hybrid method allows great numerical flexibility in the governing equations discretization. The author stress that SUTRA will provide clear, accurate answers only to well-posed, well-defined, and well-discretized simulation problems this would suggest that the used numerical scheme is greatly sensitive to discretization parameters. The Peclet number criterion is Pe ≤ 4. In the case of a not-well posed problem the codes is presented as a “hypothesis testing” tool. The code includes the iterative matrix solver SLAP Common Mathematical Library (Vandevender and Haskell, 1982). The SLAP package contains a CG solver (Conjugate Gradients), a GMRES solver (Generalized Minimum RESidual), and an ORTHOMIN solver. The CG is employed for symmetric matrix systems obtained generally in the GW flow equations. The GMRES and the ORTHOMIN are invoked to solve non-symmetric systems encountered in advective transport equations or numerically analogous problems, e.g. flow...
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