The author stress that sutra will provide clear

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Unformatted text preview: s Formules à Employer dans les Questions de Distribution d'Eau. Paris, France, Victor Dalmont Ed., 1856. Delhomme, J.P. Spatial variability and uncertainties in groundwater flow parameters : a statistical approach. Water Resources Research, 152: 269-280, 1979 de Marsily G. Hydrogéologie quantitative.Masson,1981. de Marsily G. Quelques réflexions sur l’utilisation des modèles en hydrologie Rev Sci Eau 7(3) :219-234, 1994. Diersch H.J.G., Kolditz O. Variable-density flow and transport in porous media: approaches and challenges Advances in Water Resources 25, 899–944, 2002. Diersch H.J.G. Finite element modeling of recirculating density driven saltwater intrusion processes in groundwater. Adv Water Resour, 11(1):25–43, 1988. Diersch H.J.G., Prochnow D, Thiele M. Finite-element analysis of dispersion-affected saltwater upconing below a pumping well. Appl Math Model, 8:305–12, 1984. Diersch H.J.G., Nillert P. Saltwater intrusion processes in groundwater: novel computer simulations, field studies and in...
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