The coefficient c is a dimensionless constant of

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Unformatted text preview: × 300 1000 × 1000 Δxi (discretization cell size) (m) 10/3 1 Li (domain length) (m) 1000 1000 λ 100/3 10 Δxi/ λ (grid resolution) 1/10 1/10 Li/ λ (sampling number) 30 100 ΔH/Lx (mean gradient) 1/1000 1/1000 σ (standard deviation of lnK) 1, (lnk- correlation scale) (m) 2 , 1.6, 2, ln(10) 1, 2 , 1.6, 2, ln(10) A statistically isotropic log-normal random field K(x,y) was generated on a one million node grid (1000 × 1000 cells), with either smooth (gaussian) or noisy (exponential) covariance structure. A good fit was obtained when comparing theoretical vs computed spatial autocorrelation function of lnK(x,y) for the gaussian covariance with σlnK = 1 on a 1000 × 1000 grid. Smaller 300 300 fields were then extracted from the center of the domain, and single replicate simulations of seawater intrusion were conducted, with variability ranging from σlnK = 1 to ln10. In order to increase numerical accuracy, we used an iterative continuation method (or homotopy method) with respect to the σ parameter, where σ is the standard deviati...
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