The porous media are considered saturated a special

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Unformatted text preview: and De Smedt F., Numerical solution of a 3D groundwater flow involving free boundaries by a fixed finite element method, J. of Hydrology, 201, 161-182, 1997. Lecca, G. Implementation and testing of the CODESA-3D model for density-dependent flow and transport problems in porous media. CRS4-TECH-REP-00/40, Cagliari, Italy, 2000. Lecca, G., & P. Cau. Estimating the impact of a discontinuous confining layer on the seawater intrusion using a stochastic approach: the Oristano coastal aquifer site (Sardinia, Italy). To be published in the Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Saltwater Intrusion and Coastal Aquifers—Monitoring, Modeling, and Management (SWICA M3). Merida, Mexico, March 30 – April 2., 2003. Liggett, J. A., and P. L-F. Liu. The Boundary Integral Equation Method for Porous Media Flow, George Allen and Unwin, Boston, 1983. Matheron G. The Intrinsinc Random Functions & Applications. Adv.Appl.Prob., 5, 439-468, 1973 Merwade V. M., Maidment D. R., and Goff J. A. Anisotropic considerations while interpolating river channel b...
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