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Unformatted text preview: ion from fluid sources and some chemical reactions. It is based on a finite difference for the flow equation and methods of characteristics for the transport equation. The particle tracking procedure is used for adjective transport and explicit finite difference procedure for the hydrodynamic dispersion. The advantage of the method is that it reduces numerical dispersion, large numerical oscillations and non-convergence of the solute transport equation because there are no restrictions on special discretization. Reference : Konikow and Bredehoeft, 1978 • MOCDENS (Method Of Characteristics DENSity dependent flow) is based on MOC. It simulates two constituents in a density dependent flow system (not detailed here)… Reference: Sanford and Konikow, 1985. • MOC3D a 3D version of MOCDENS that uses MODFLOW for solving the flow equations (flow system) – not detailed here… Reference: Konikow et al., 1996 A.5 - MOCDENS3D Author: G.H.P. Oude Essink, 2001 Code status: (not available to us). Description: MOCDENS3D is a modified version of MOC3D. The groundwater model con...
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