This is given by the following formula k p e k p 1

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Unformatted text preview: ransport problems are solved using a preconditioned conjugate gradient solver (PCG), appropriate for symmetric systems. Web site: A.13 - HBGC HBGC: Hydrologic Transport and Mixed BioGeoChemical Reactions in Saturated-Unsaturated Media Author: G.T.Yeh et al (Penn. State Univ.) Code status: Publicly available (ORNL Oak Ridge Nat. Lab) Description: The code is suitable for simulating flow in porous media with chemical reactions and biological processes. The transport equation is solved in 2D which limits the code to 2D applications. Quadrilateral and triangular elements are enabled in the finite element method. The Newton-Raphson iteration technique is used to linearize the system. The linear problem is then solved with one of the six following solvers: direct solution with Gaussian elimination method, successive point iterations, and four preconditioned conjugate gradient methods. It seems that only the PCG solvers are convenient for real case complex problems. Web site: 1...
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