Unsaturated column example pressure distribution

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Unformatted text preview: equations treated with upstream weighting schemes. Web site: http://water.usgs.gov/nrp/gwsoftware/sutra.html A.8 - SWI package for MODFLOW Authors: M. Bakker and F. Schaars Code status: Publicly available Description: The SWI (Salt Water Intrusion) package of MODFLOW is based on the DupuitBoussinesq approximation in each layer of a stratified aquifer (Strack 1995). Each aquifer can be modelled with a single layer of cells through vertical averaging of horizontal velocities within each layer. Communications are possible through leaky layers. The effect of viscosity is neglected (as in most other vertically integrated models). The SWI package is intended to model 130 seawater intrusion on a regional scale. Water density are considered to vary either uniformly or linearly within in each layer. That is, in the case of horizontal layers, the vertical density profiles are either linear or else constant within each layer. A single input file is needed to obtained the required modifications of MODFLOW to treat the flow problem with variable density flow (spe...
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