G a coastal aquifer undergoing seawater intrusion

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Unformatted text preview: inage d’une embouchure ou d’un estuaire. Mots Clés Intrusion saline Modelisation stochastique Milieu poreux et hydrogéologie Aquifère et nappe souterraine Modèle Intégré Numérique de Terrain (MINT, MNT) Equation de Richards Equation de Dupuit-Boussinesq Couplage surface/souterrain Volumes finis 2D / 3D Loi de Darcy Ward Equation d’onde diffusante ii Abstract In this work, we consider water flow modeling in hydro-systems that include geologically complex and heterogeneous soils and aquifers, e.g., a coastal aquifer undergoing seawater intrusion, with density coupling (freshwater / saltwater), along with other coupled phenomena (variable saturation, surface / subsurface coupling). The selected approach has the following characteristics: ♦ the model is spatially distributed in order to represent the heterogeneity of the medium ♦ the model is strongly coupled in order to apprehend the physical complexity of flow systems We use for this purpose a strongly integrated model, governed by a single generic equation (PDE) based on generalized Darcy law, to describe different flow ‘regimes’ co-existing in the same domain, while conse...
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