G coupled stream aquifer flow macroporous media with

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Unformatted text preview: sists of an enhanced version of MODFLOW taking into account vertical density differences. The hydraulic head is computed from the fluid density with respect to a reference density (the freshwater density). Introducing this hydraulic head into the vertical component of the Darcian specific discharge, and discarding the viscosity difference, gives a buoyancy term. The discretization of the so called buoyancy term in the flow equation gives two terms which are added to the right hand side term (RHS term) of the original MODFLOW equations. However, the density differences are neglected in the continuity equations: the author assumes that density variations are considered small compared with the value of the 129 reference density in the mass conservation equation. The computed velocities are then used in the (non buoyant) solute transport model, which is the original transport model of MOC3D. A.6 - MARTHE BRGM Authors : Thiery D., 1990, 1993; Thiery and Amraoui, 2001 Code status: available for research st...
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