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Unformatted text preview: e (see Konikow and others, 1996, p. 77)]. Appendix 2—Selected Input Data and Printed Results for Sample Problem 55 Appendix 2—Selected Input Data and Printed Results for Sample Problem Sample Problem A sample problem was selected to illustrate the input formats and specifications for the MNW2 Package, as well as output information and style in the main listing (output) file and in optional separate output files. The sample problem is a modification of the Reilly problem that includes two 150-day transient stress periods, three single-node withdrawal wells near the multi-node well, and constraints on pumping from the multi-node well linked to a limiting head of -7.5 ft. The results of this problem are illustrated in figure 28 and described in the related discussion. The input and output files include information for an initial steady-state stress period, assumed to have a length of one day and used to establish internally consistent equilibrium conditions for the start of the transient stress periods (this initial steady-state stress period is not included in the discussion and illustration of the problem in the main text). Selected sections of several key input and output data files are shown below—sometimes with annotations; gaps in the listings, if present, are indicated by an ellipsis. A complete set of these files is available for distribution on the Internet as discussed in the preface. The contents of some files are enclosed in a border and explanations are noted outside of the border; for other files, explanations are sometimes included as comments following a semicolon on the line being explained. Font sizes are sometimes reduced and (or) blank spaces deleted from the output files so that lines will fit within page margins. In the following listings, unless the entire file is related to MNW2, information and lines explicitly related to the MNW2 Package are highlighted by gray shading. Selected Input Files for Sample Problem Following (enclosed in a border) are the contents of the MODFLOW–2000 name file for the sample problem; explanations are noted outside of border: File name: MNW2-Fig28.nam # MNW2 Sample Problem for Report # Pumping with constraints LIST 14 MNW2-Fig28.lst DIS 15 MNW2-Fig28.dis BAS6 18 MNW2-Fig28.bas OC 19 MNW2-Fig28.oc LPF 20 MNW2-Fig28.lpf RCH 21 MNW2-Fig28.rch PCG 22 MNW2-Fig28.pcg MNW2 23 MNW2-Fig28.mnw2 MNWI 79 MNW2-Fig28.mnwi WEL 80 MNW2-Fig28.wel DATA 81 MNW2-Fig28.qsu DATA 82 MNW2-Fig28.byn DATA 45 MNW2-Fig28.wlA DATA 33 MNW2-Fig28.fhd 1 ↑ 1 ↑ 2 ↑ 3 Ftype (that is, the type of file) Unit number 3 File name 2 ← Optional comment line ← Optional comment line ← Output file for MODFLOW–2000 ← Input file for Discretization Package ← Input file for Basic Package ← Input file for Output Control option ← Input file for Layer-Property Flow Package ← Input file for Recharge Package ← Input file for PCG2 solver Package ← Input file for MNW2 Package ← Input file for Multi-Node Well Information Package ← Input file for Well Package ← Output file for QSUM records ← Output file for BYNODE records ← Output file for MNW observations ← Output file for calculated heads 56 Revised Multi-Node Well (MNW2) Package for MODFLOW Ground-Water Flow Model Following are the contents of the MNW2 Package input file for the sample problem; explanations are noted as comments at the end of each record, and the first field after the semicolon is the number of the dataset in the input instructions: File name: MNW2-Fig28.mnw2 1 -90 2 Well-A -1 SKIN 0 1 0 0 0.1333 1.79471628 12.5 -5. -65. 30 41 -7.5 -1 0.10 0.15 1 Well-A 0.0 1 Well-A -10000.0 1 Well-A -10000.0 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; 1. 2a. 2b. 2c. 2d. 2f. 3. 4. 3. 4. 3. 4. MNWMAX,IMNWCB,MNWPRNT WELLID,NNODES LOSSTYPE,PUMPLOC,QLIMIT,PPFLAG,PUMPCAP Rw,Rskin,Kskin ztop,zbotm,row,col hlim, QCUT, Qfrcmn, Qfrcmx ITMP (SP1; one well) WELLID, Qdes(0.0 for initial steady-state SP) ITMP (SP2; one well) WELLID, Qdes ITMP (SP3; one well) WELLID, Qdes Following are the contents of the MNWI Package input file for the sample problem; explanations are noted as comments at the end of each record: File name: MNW2-Fig28.mnwi 0 81 82 1 Well-A 45 0 0 ; 1. ; 2. ; 3. Wel1flag, QSUMflag, BYNDflag MNWOBS WELLID, Unit no., QNDflag, QBHflag Selected Output Files for Sample Problem Following are selected contents of the main MODFLOW output (listing) file for the sample problem; arrow symbol (à) indicates that a line is wrapped from a previous line in the listing. Note that the simulation includes three stress periods, including an initial 1-day steady-state period followed by two 150-day transient stress periods. File name: MNW2-Fig28.lst MODFLOW-2000 U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MODULAR FINITE-DIFFERENCE GROUND-WATER FLOW MODEL VERSION 1.19 BETA 02/18/2009 This model run combines GLOBAL and LIST output into this single file. GLOBAL LISTING FILE: MNW2-Fig28.lst UNIT 14 OPENING MNW2-Fig28.dis FILE TYPE:DIS UNIT 15 FORMAT:FORMATTED OPENING MNW2-Fig28.bas STATUS:OLD ACCESS:SEQUENTIAL Appendix 2—Selected Input Data and Printed Results for Sample Problem FILE TYPE:BAS6 UNIT FORMAT:FORMATTED 18 OPENING MNW2-Fig28.oc FILE TYPE:OC UNIT 19 FORMAT:FORMATTED STATUS:OLD ACCESS:SEQUENTIAL STATUS:OLD ACCESS:SEQUENTIAL OPENING MNW2-Fig28.lpf FILE TYPE:LPF UNIT 20 FORMAT:FORMATTED STATUS:OLD ACCESS:SEQUENTIAL OPENING MNW2-Fig28.rch FILE TYPE:RCH UNIT 21 FORMAT:FORMATTED STATUS:OLD ACCESS:SEQUENTIAL OPENING MNW2-Fig28.pcg FILE TYPE:PCG...
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