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Unformatted text preview: b.)A tier the same time c.) At R. as After a burst of growth. the growth rate of eamings y falls to I ~din its;ly for an economy. As time goes on. the proportion of new firms a would t and eventually stock market prices wou ld peak actlJal earning.s uu. Rise. before Fall. at the same time as ..: l Not change. after d) Fall, af'tc; e .) Not change. at the same rime as a l b .) ~ 9. ln which phase of our stock market model would you expect outcomes best approximate the pure ' rational expectations' result where there arc no aggregate forecast crrors 0 Phase I Phase 11 c) Phase Ill cl ) Phase IV a) b) ' l 0. ln whi ch phase of the cycle would you expect Ben Bcrnankc would be most tempted to /u11·er Inte rest rates'' a. ) b ) C. ) d) Pha se l Phase II Phase Ill Phase l V 11. A situation of· financial crisis' in a large country like the U.S. can be thought of as a discontinuous in the proportion of new firms a, followed by a discontinuous _ _ _ __ _ in y. a.) b) c .) d) 12. increase, inc...
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