You would most likely rcccie a j capital loss cap

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Unformatted text preview: would most likely rccci\·e a: J capital loss cap ital gain c .) could be either <~ b) 4. 'vVhcn interest rates are expected to fall in the future. this of a bond and a current holder of a bond: . benefits, benefits benefits. hurts c J hurts. benefits d .) hurts. hurts a. ) h) _a prospccti\·e purchaser ;; 5. In Phase 1 of the stock market model, an a\·eragc ne11· fm11 would have expected camings than current reported earnings and an average oJd ftm1 would haYe expected - - - earnings_ than current reportcd earnings. n.) greater. less b l less, greater c) equal to, less equal to ' less,' less d) Jess e) 6. -- At the very beginning of Phase IV of our stock market model, financial incentives to beat earnings expectations arc , and average stock prices arc almost certainly Strong, falling Strong, rising c) Weak. l~1l l ing d) Weak, rising a) b) · 7. As \Ne move later on in Phase l V, our model imp! ics that the bottom of the stock marker occurs the bottom of the actual earnings cycle:. a) Before...
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