2 a similar story can be written about kentucky

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Unformatted text preview: hat structure Oklahoma politics are distinctly southern.” 2 A similar story can be written about Kentucky. Classic country singer Tom T. Hall, who once sang about “old dogs, children, and watermelon wine,” is from Kentucky, and his songs have a distinctly southern flair. Similarly, few things are more southern than two staples of Kentucky culture—Jim Beam bourbon whiskey and Colonel Harland Sanders’s original recipe. Recent political events in these states, with John McCain and Sarah Palin dominating the 2008 presidential elections in both, follow historical patterns and thus feel traditionally “southern.” Of course, these limited examples do not unequivocally demonstrate that a state is or is not southern, but that these singers, cultural trends, and political outcomes are indicative of threads of southernness that run through these peripheral South states. South Polls 73 a B r i e F h i s t o ry o F s ou t h e r n ne s s As we grapple with where the South is today, we turn to a long and distinguished r...
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