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Unformatted text preview: lant, might have reduced the regional identity of this once very southern place. Georgia, the home of Lester Maddox and Waffle House, still retains considerable southern flair, with cities and towns in middle and southern Georgia, especially, displaying a high level of regional identification. The Peach State almost certainly ended up in the second tier because of the influence of metropolitan Atlanta, which is home to many Fortune 500 companies, an ever-expanding suburban ring, and even the Centennial Olympic Games. An example of the tensions between natives and newcomers in the state can be seen in the 2003 effort by Georgia lawmakers to make it a crime for a restaurant not to serve sweet tea.13 The presence of Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina in the second tier was also noteworthy, but for different reasons. Although southern identity seems to be fading in many parts of these three states, their appearance in this group indicates a continued identification with the Old South. Toby Keith will be happy to know 80 sout hern cultures, W inter 2010 : Cooper and Knotts Figure 2. S...
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