As discussed above businesses with southern in their

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Unformatted text preview: Scores by State Lowest Quartile Second Quartile Third Quartile Highest Quartile that Oklahoma sits firmly in the second quartile of states. In fact, the D score in Oklahoma places it just below North Carolina and just above Virginia. A notable omission from the second tier was the state of Texas, indicating that perhaps large parts of Texas identify more with the West than the South. M a p pi n g “ s ou t h e r n ” The maps of businesses with “Southern” in their name present a more inclusive, expansive geographic South. As discussed above, businesses with “Southern” in their name send a different message than businesses with the name “Dixie.” Our second map, with scores again divided into quartiles, shows S scores by state in 2009 (Figure 2) and illustrates that the South mapped using S scores is different from the South mapped by D scores. Whereas the core of “Dixie” seems to range roughly north to south—stretching from Louisiana northeast to Kentucky—the core of the South, as defined by “Southern” entries, runs much more east to west, indicating once again that “Dixie” and “Southern” represent two differe...
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