Combining these two aspects of the south into one

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Unformatted text preview: outh states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, plus Arkansas, Tennessee, and Kentucky—suggesting a region that stretches farther north than many might have speculated. Defined by their connection to the Old South, this cluster of states is centered much closer to the Mississippi River than the Atlantic Ocean. The connection to the New South, expressed by businesses with “Southern” in their names, stretches east to west and probably falls closer to traditional definitions of the region, such as those derived from the eleven Confederate states. Despite rapid population growth and economic vitality, there is still considerable southern pride in states like North Carolina and Georgia. Combining these two aspects of “the South” into one measure, we see that the southern core remains in states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. A host of states appear in the next tier, including Kentucky, a state that we consider quite southern, despite the fact that it is omitted from many treatments of the region. Although part of the Old Confederacy, Florida and Virginia show...
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