D scores by state lowest quartile second quartile

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Unformatted text preview: high use of the term “Dixie,” and thus strong identification with the traditional South, and those with D scores in the lowest quarter have the lightest shade, indicating less frequent use of the term and a weaker identification with the traditional South.12 The 2009 map shows that regional identification, defined by a connection to the Old South (“Dixie”), has declined in the more than thirty years since Reed’s 78 sout hern cultures, W inter 2010 : Cooper and Knotts Figure 1. D Scores by State Lowest Quartile Second Quartile Third Quartile Highest Quartile original work. The highest category in Reed’s studies included areas with D scores greater than .25. In 2009, only Mississippi had a D score greater than .25, which may not be surprising. The Magnolia State has long been a hotbed for strongly professed white southern identity. The Confederate battle flag still adorns the top left quadrant of the state flag—Mississippians soundly defeated a ballot measure to remove it in 2001. The Confederate battle flag is also a part of the tailgating experience at Ole Miss football games and, u...
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