Even v o key the dean of southern political

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Unformatted text preview: ively.9 Of course, the decision to follow in this research tradition means that our study, too, perpetuates a traditional view of “the South.” However, our study departs from this past work by being the first to examine D and S scores at the state-level, important because scholars and southerners most often talk about states when studying and discussing the region. Even V. O. Key, the dean of southern political scholarship, examined the politics of each state separately. Of course Key could have broken his treatise into a series of regional analyses, but he understood the importance of states as a unit in structuring people’s attitudes about their social, cultural, and political worlds. Fortunately the technology now exists to replicate Reed’s work at the state-level.10 South Polls 77 o u r a p p roac h We collected these data in the spring of 2009 by using an on-line phone director y to look up the number of business names in each state with the words “Dixie,” “Southern,” or “American” in their titles. Because he was forced to look up...
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