Given advances in technology we were able to include

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Unformatted text preview: these business names by hand, Reed only examined businesses beginning with these words. We believe, however, that the words “Dixie,” “Southern,” and “American” are important as the second and third names in a business—not just the first. The Whistlin’ Dixie Garden Center in Sapphire, North Carolina, is signaling its identification with the South just as much as Dixie Lube in Hertford, North Carolina. Given advances in technology, we were able to include both of these establishments by using this more expansive definition of regional identifiers in business names in our search.11 Although we wish to be as inclusive as possible, we do exclude one business from our dataset. The grocery store chain Winn-Dixie is by far the largest business chain with the word Dixie in its name. Even more problematic is that the fact that Winn-Dixie stores are spread inconsistently throughout the South—while some states in the region have no Winn-Dixie stores, others have a large number. For instance, 79 percent of the businesses with Dixie in their names in the state of Florida are Winn-Dixie stores. Including this large chain would bias our result...
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