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Unformatted text preview: example, many scholars follow the traditional approach of defining the South by the eleven states of the Old Confederacy. In his Southern Focus polls, Reed added Oklahoma and Kentucky because a majority of respondents in those states self-identified as “southern.” Other social scientists use the more generous U.S. Census definition of the region that adds West Virginia, as well as the decidedly non-southern states of Maryland and Delaware and the District of Columbia. Noted historian James Cobb does not seem to be satisfied with conventional definitions of the South, using “The South” to “normally refer to the old Confederacy, 74 sout hern cultures, W inter 2010 : Cooper and Knotts plus Kentucky and Oklahoma, although there are a few references to pertinent events in Maryland as well.” 5 Reed, who frequently asked the question “What and where is the South?” has perhaps more to say about the boundaries of the South than anyone else. Reed examined traditional symbols of the South like the birthplace of country music notable...
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