In particular our work emphasizes the benefits of

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Unformatted text preview: fewer ties to the present-day South. Likewise, southern identity in Texas was difficult to find in our study. We did, however, discover ties to the South in somewhat unexpected places, like Oklahoma and West Virginia. Our focus on intra-South distinctions demonstrates that scholars and those interested in the South may want to move past old definitions of the region and focus on the ways citizens in different states do or do not identify with the South. Perhaps most importantly, our study highlights the benefits of Reed’s approach to studying the South. As Reed demonstrated, you can learn a great deal by transcending traditional definitions of the South and examining clues from the region’s culture. In particular our work emphasizes the benefits of studying naming patterns because we believe that business names tell us a lot about the South’s sense of shared identity and the degree of southern “otherness.” Clearly parts of the South share a common identity, but these parts may not always be the same ones that appear in the political and historical definitions of the region.18 We hope that future work can expand...
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