In sum our definition of the region moves beyond the

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Unformatted text preview: uth states of North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas. We are also happy to welcome Kentucky to the “pretty darn southern” category. (In 2007, the Lexington public library sponsored a panel discussion called “Is Kentucky Southern?” Although we did not attend this discussion, our answer would have been yes.) The third category includes states that fall in the second tier of either D or S scores. This category, labeled “sorta southern,” includes the Old Confederacy states of Florida and Virginia and adds states from the Census South, such as Oklahoma and West Virginia. Texas is surprisingly absent from this category. In sum, our definition of the region moves beyond the eleven-state Old Confederacy and provides empirical evidence of some important intra-South distinctions. Our map based on each state’s “S score” shows an east-west core and decreasing southern identity in states like Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Florida. Our “D score” map shows an even narrower definiti...
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