In total we identified 3961 dixie 41503 southern and

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Unformatted text preview: s and cause us to falsely assert that some states, such as Florida, share more in common with the cultural South than they actually do. As a result, all numbers and analysis in this essay exclude Winn-Dixie. Once we had collected all of the data, we computed D scores (“Dixie” entries divided by “American” entries) and S scores (“Southern” entries divided by “American” entries) in all fifty states, plus the District of Columbia. In total, we identified 3,961 “Dixie,” 41,503 “Southern,” and 157,516 “American” businesses. M a p pi n g “ D i x i e ” To better understand the cultural contours of this more traditional understanding of the South, we mapped the D scores of “potentially southern states” in 2009 (Figure 1). Rather than providing estimates between cities, as earlier research had, this map shows the actual D score for each state. Each state falls into one of four categories based on its D score. States with D scores in the top quarter of the distribution have the darkest shade, indicating...
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