More surprising however are the relatively high d

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Unformatted text preview: ntil recently, “Colonel Rebel” roamed the sidelines of sporting events in Oxford. In descending order, the five other states that appear in the top quartile are Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The presence of Alabama and Louisiana make sense; both of these Deep South states have demographic profiles similar to Mississippi. Part of the original “black belt,” all three states were key components of the southern cotton economy and have substantial African American populations. More surprising, however, are the relatively high D scores in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Tennessee, none of which have many of the characteristics associated with the South. For example, none of these three states are part of the Deep South, and their African American populations are comparatively much smaller. However, these states have experienced much less population growth than other southern states and share many cultural and economic characteristics of the Deep South, which could be re...
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