Of course examples of this research tradition also

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Unformatted text preview: e cultural South, ranging from the location of Kappa Alpha chapters to the number of dentists per capita. Of course, examples of this research tradition also can be found throughout the pages of Southern Cultures. Take for example Dan Pierce’s exposition of n a scar , “the most southern sport on earth,” or Alderman and Alderman’s article about kudzu, a vine that “illustrates the tremendous impact the American South has made, and continues to make, on national culture.” All of these works suggest that the South and the southern experience are defined in part by many factors, principally historical forces and the lasting presence of uniquely southern cultural symbols.4 D e B at i n g t h e B ou n D a r i e s o F t h e s ou t h Given the amount of research on the South, you might think that academics would have a handle on questions about the boundaries of the region. A quick scan of the literature, however, suggests that this is not the case. There are scores of studies examining the South, but there remain many competing definitions of the region. For...
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