Previous studies demonstrate the importance of

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Unformatted text preview: on of the region, and provides evidence that traditionally southern states along the Atlantic seaboard differ from states along the Mississippi River. e x p la i n i n g “ D i x i e ” a n D “ s ou t h e r n ” To better understand the differences across all fifty states, we identify three factors that we think should influence the magnitude of D and S scores—a measure of statewide conservatism, percentage of the African American population, and the percentage of people in the state with a bachelor’s degree. Our selection of these predictors is guided by the research on support for a particularly controversial southern symbol, the Confederate flag. Previous studies demonstrate the importance of ideological conservatism on opinions about the Confederate flag, even after controlling for conservative racial attitudes. Therefore, we expect that more conservative states will have higher D and S scores than more liberal states. This line of research also concludes that more educated individuals are less likely to support...
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