The previous maps divide the current south into

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Unformatted text preview: a, Florida, and Virginia. Two states are notably absent from this grouping, however. We were surprised that Oklahoma was not in the second tier, instead falling below Maryland and just above Indiana. Likewise Texas, one of the states in the Old Confederacy, also had a relatively low S score, placing it below Delaware and slightly ahead of Missouri. a t h r e e - t i e r e D s ou t h The South continues to evolve. Demographic and economic changes mean that some states are less culturally southern than they used to be, while others may be becoming more connected to the region. The previous maps divide the current South into categories by considering the D and S scores separately. As Reed and others have noted, however, D and S scores capture different aspects of the South. As a result, we next consider a state’s D and S scores simultaneously. After doing so, our research suggests that we can place the South into three categories: “southern to the core,” “pretty darn southern,” and “sorta southern” (see Table 1). Based on our analysis, three states are “southern to the core,” appearing in the top quartile for both D scores and S scores. It will pro...
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