Third similar to our research on citylevel d and s

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Unformatted text preview: ple, regardless of a state’s ideology and mean educational attainment, we expect that places with higher proportions of African Americans will have higher D and S scores.15 The results of our 2009 investigation suggest some interesting conclusions. 84 sout hern cultures, W inter 2010 : Cooper and Knotts Figure 3. The Relationship Between Black Population and D and S Scores . D Score S Score D and S Scores . . . Percent of a State’s Population That Is Black First, and somewhat surprisingly, the education level of the state has no influence on the D or S score. Second, contrary to our expectations, we find that state ideology has no influence on D or S scores. Third, similar to our research on citylevel D and S scores, we find that as the relative proportion of black people in the population rises, so do the D and S scores. This could be a result of racial threat theory, or the reality that a higher percentage of African Americans live in traditionally southern states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.16 To bet...
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