This list and the order that states appear in this

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Unformatted text preview: nt manifestations of the region. Reed found remarkable similarity between D and S scores in 1976, but a geographical comparison of these two measures shows considerable differences thirty years later.14 The first quartile of states in Figure 2 includes Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Polls 81 Table 1. A Three-Tiered South Southern to the Core Pretty Darn Southern Sorta Southern Alabama Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas Georgia Kentucky North Carolina South Carolina Tennessee Florida Oklahoma Virginia West Virginia Louisiana, South Carolina, and North Carolina. This list, and the order that states appear in this list, strikes us as a logical and accurate portrayal of the South, as these states fall in the core of almost every definition of the region. Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia actually have more “Southern” entries than “American” entries (S scores greater than 1), indicating an extremely high regional identification, and five of the six states in this grouping are considered to be part of the Deep South. The second quartile (in descending order) consists of Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virgini...
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