A range of attitudes including opinions on busing and

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Unformatted text preview: the Confederate flag. As a result, we expect that states with a higher proportion of college graduates will have lower D and S scores. Another research strand, racial threat theory, focuses on the influence of racial context on political attitudes and actions. Racial threat theory demonstrates the impact of race on South Polls 83 Three states are “southern to the core.” It will probably surprise few readers to learn that Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana are the only states in this category. The Dixie Baking Company Truck, making the rounds in New Orleans seventy years ago, photographed by Walker Evans, courtesy of the Collections of the Library of Congress. a range of attitudes, including opinions on busing and the likelihood of voting for David Duke. Following this logic, we expect that places with higher proportions of African Americans will have higher D and S scores. Before continuing, we should note that these hypotheses (and the conclusions we discuss below) are “controlling” for the other factors we describe. For exam...
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