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The Next Industrial Revolution- Summary The movie focused on two people whom corporations view as the pioneers in environmental sustainability design. To be honest, the movie was not what I expected, but it also provided a lot of insight into the thought processes of companies in today’s competitive yet sensitive world. One thing for which I think the movie should be referred is its definition of a sustainable economy: an economic system that meets the needs of its current members without compromising the prospects of future generations. If we apply this definition to the various projects undertaken by the pioneers William McDonough and Michael Braungart, we saw that the two men were very consistent in what they were trying to achieve. The Herman-Miller Greenhouse factory is one of the main designs of McDonough and to a lesser extent Braungart. This ‘factory’ is famous for incorporating environmental aspects into everyday operations of the plant, including large sunroofs and indoor greenery. One may argue that the success of this design by McDonough
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Film Response Paper - The Next Industrial Revolution-...

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