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FINC 577 Chapter 5 Notes Outline

10 45000 miles for a total of 57500 chapter 5 21 cost

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Unformatted text preview: for a total of $57,500. Chapter 5-21 Cost-VolumeCost-Volume-Profit Analysis CVP Analysis - the study of the _______ _______________________________ on a company’s profits. Important in profit planning. A critical factor in setting: selling prices, determining product mix, and maximizing maximizing use of production facilities. Chapter 5-22 Cost-VolumeCost-Volume-Profit Analysis CVP analysis considers the interrelationships among among five basic components: Chapter 5-23 Assumptions Underlying CVP Analysis Behavior of both costs and revenues is linear throughout the relevant range of the activity index index. Costs can be classified accurately as either variable or fixed. Changes in activity are the only factors that affect costs. All units ______________________. When more than one type of product is sold, the ____________________________________. Chapter 5-24 CVP CVP Income Statement Classifies costs and expenses as fixed or variable. Reports contribution margin in the body of the statement. statement Contribution...
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