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But companies must proceed with caution when

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Unformatted text preview: nd offline channels. Zawada notes that people used to think about e-commerce as being separate from their business, and many spun off their online operations. But today, it's all about clicks and bricks. "The value is in viewing this as multichannel. Companies should use the online insight they gain for offline pricing," he says. Companies should use the Internet as a "testbed" and "roll the learning across the channels," Zawada says . Price Ceilings The Internet is just the beginning. Some stores are starting to experiment with wireless networks and location tracking devices. Stop & Shop, the Quincy, Mass.-based grocery chain, is testing "smart carts" in its stores that make use of wireless and location-based technology. Customers can attach a wireless tablet to their shopping carts and scan in their Stop & Shop loyalty cards for access to personalized electronic coupons, shopping lists and details on previous purchases. Marketing vic e president Curt Avallone says that eventually, tracking technology in store ceilings could pinpoint a customer's whereabouts and...
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