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Ford motor co meanwhile also is reaping benefits

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Unformatted text preview: he Professional Pricing Society, an association of marketing and pricing executives. Used selectively—knowing, say, which customers are likely to pay more and when—IT-powered pricing strategies can have a big impact on the company's bottom line. "Price elasticity is all," says David Trounce, a pricing expert with Mercer Management Consulting. "Technology is giving businesses everywhere the option of measuring price elasticity for the first time in an inexpensive and fast way, and many are just starting to take advantage of it—from promotions to discounts to sticker strategies." Boosting Sales DHL Worldwide, for example, is using customer data and new price analysis software to boost revenues on express-shipping services. "Before, five out of 10 calls to our call center actually booked shipments, so our goal was to improve that to eight out of 10," says Aman Adinew, senior manager of pricing and yield. Armed with customer data, call-service reps were able to tailor prices to indiv...
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