However most texts set and lets check if case a is

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Unformatted text preview: argument’s sake, suppose that capacity is 105% of maximum market size. To find maximum market size, re-arrange the demand curve to get: , , The maximum market size is found by setting , Thus: ( ) Summary of a monopolist regulated by a government which chooses output to maximize social welfare Case A Case B If output where is less than or equal to capacity or if ( ) () “Force” the monopolist to produce where “Force” the monopolist to charge If output where is greater than or equal to capacity or if ( ) () “Force” the monopolist to produce where for all units “Force” the monopolist to charge a price between the monopoly price. However, most texts set and Let’s check if case A is the solution. Set: , , This is in fact less than the capacity. Therefore, the regulated price and output are: __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Example 2: Prestige Data Services’ Commercial Data Services: ● Hours ● = $/hour , 67 ECO 204 Chapter 16: Analysis of Firms with Market Power (this version 2012-2013) University of Toronto, Department of Economics (STG). ECO 204, S. Ajaz Hussain....
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