Moranis is now running her company prudential sadie

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Unformatted text preview: raise the price it charged home buyers and sellers. R ealtysellers was offering at the time a program that allowed you to get an MLS listing for $695. Last month, Mr. Moranis’ mother, Sadie, a female trailblazer in the industry, passed away. According to sources, Mr. Moranis is now running her company, Prudential Sadie Moranis Realty, putting him on the side he once sued. While his mother was a strong member of the real estate industry, who served as the first female Toronto Real Estate Board president, her early days in the business illustrate how closely-held things were 40 years ago. Before realtors agreed to a central system to list all their properties, listings were calle d “exclusives” and were held by one shop, which would try to control who bought and sold a property so it could control both ends of the commission. “Every company tried to sell inhouse. This was before any sort of sophisticated technology,” recalled Sherr y Chris, a former LePage vice-president who is now chief executive of Better Homes and Gard...
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