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Recently the canadian competition bureau has

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Unformatted text preview: ied to “break” the CREA’s monopoly on MLS listings but were shut down after the CREA sued for “stealing proprietary data” (see Ontario Court Shuts Down MLS Repackaging, CREA shuts down site blending MLS and Google maps). Recently, the Canadian Competition Bureau has challenged the CREA (this is the 2nd challenge in the last 20 years) and there it appears that CREA’s stranglehold on MLS listings may be loosening (see: The Battle to Unlock the Housing Market, The Competition Bureau Takes on CREA). Fifty years later, MLS maintains its monopoly An MLS for you and another for agents – guess which is better Garry Marr, Financial Post It’s a little device, wafer thin and about half the size of your finger that every realtor in Toronto has attached to a key chain. It spits out constantly changing passwords that are used to guard access to one of the most precious resources the Canadian real estate industry owns – MLS or the multiple listing service. Every board in Canada has its own security system. 5 ECO 20...
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