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Shier, Butler, and Lewis: Hole’s Human Anatomy and Physiology, 11 th ed. Chapter 7: Skeletal System Chapter 7: Skeletal System I. Bone Structure A. Bone Classification 1. The four classes of bone according to shape are__________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 2. Examples of long bones are__________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Short bones are shaped like__________________________________________ 4. Examples of short bones are_________________________________________ 5. Flat bones are ____________________________________________structures. 6. Examples of flat bones are___________________________________________ 7. Irregular bones have a variety of______________________________________ 8. Examples of irregular bones are______________________________________ 9. Round bones are also called__________________________________________ 10. Sesamoid bones are __________ and __________ and embedded within_____ __________________________________________________________________ 11. An example of a sesamoid bone is the_________________________________ B. Parts of a Long Bone 1. An expanded end of a long bone is called an_____________________________ 2. An epiphysis articulates with_________________________________________ 3. Articular cartilage is located_________________________________________ 4. The shaft of a long bone is called a____________________________________ 5. Periosteum is_____________________________________________________ 6. Periosteum functions to_____________________________________________ 7. Processes provide sites for___________________________________________ 8. The wall of the diaphysis is composed of___________________________bone. 9. Compact bone has_________________________________________________ 10. The epiphyses are largely composed of___________________________bone. 7-1
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11. Spongy bone consists of bony plates called_____________________________ 12. A bone usually has _______________________________________________ 13. A semirigid tube with a hollow chamber called______________________runs through the diaphysis. 14. Endosteum lines__________________________________________________ 15. Endosteum contains___________________________________________cells. 16. The tissue that fills the spaces of bone is called_________________________ 17. The two forms of marrow are_______________________________________ C. Microscopic Structure 1. Introduction a. Bone cells are called__________________________________________ b. Lacunae are________________________________________________ c. Lacunae form_______________________________________________ around_______________________________________________________ d. Osteoctyes transport__________________________________________ e. Cellular processes of osteocytes pass through______________________ f. The extracellular matrix of bone is composed of____________________ _____________________________________________________________ 2.
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ch07_studyguide_11edition - Shier Butler and Lewis Hole's...

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