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Adolescent work in traditional cultures child care

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Unformatted text preview: ve? Adolescent Work in Traditional Cultures Child Care and Household Work – Women and girls have the main responsibility in most traditional cultures in caring for children and doing household work – By doing this kind of work, the adolescent daughter prepares herself for her adult work role and demonstrates to potential marriage partners that she is capable of running a household in tradtional- for their i mmediate family, child care and h ousehold work for females -shows what they will d o when they grow up practical skills Discussion The Effect of Globalization on Adolescent Work in Traditional Cultures: The Internal Labor Organization (ILO) estimates 200 million children and adolescents are employed worldwide, with 95% of those in developing countries more opporunity with g lobalization in places t hat are rural brings healthcare, food, k nowledge, education -cons - loose laws around child labor -adolescents are young and cant stand up for t hemselves, more s useptible in taken advatntage of girls...
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