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S the research done on the job corps program

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Unformatted text preview: aged 16 to 24 each year in low-income areas all over the U.S. • The research done on the Job Corps program indicated numerous benefits to participants – Employed more hours per week – Earned $22 more per week – Improved literacy and numerical skills – More likely to earn a GED – Less likely to be arrested Europe vs. the United States • In European countries, school-to-work programs are a basic part of the national government • In the U.S. there is not a political consensus about the value of such programs set up to give job skills, g reat outcomes for kids i n this program, limited access due to funding, waitlist, have to be accepted living on site, Apprenticeship: Western Europe • Apprenticeship is where an adolescent “novice” serves under contract to a “master” who has substantial experience in a profession • Common features of apprenticeship programs are: – Entry at age 16 – Apprenticeship lasting 2 to 3 years – Continued part-time schooling while apprenticing – School...
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