Back to brothel after rescue brainwashed safer in

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Unformatted text preview: ran back to brothel after rescue, brainwashed " safer in brothel" brothel will come after them, die o f shame, family will not accept them. trying to protect the girls and educate people people are paying for t hem - "johns" Cambodia Somali Half the Sky-Work • How are work patterns in traditional cultures being influenced by globalization? • Think about both positive and negative factors Sex trafficking/ Prostitution Half the Sky Debt Bondage Kidnapping, selling children Forced into prostitution young people not by t heir choice, form of slavery, s omeone making money o ff of adolescent sometimes family sells t hem to pay off debt d ebt bondage not financially but amount of work - selling family members worldwide The Adolescent Workplace • Most American girls baby-sit as their first job • American boys usually do yard work as their first work experience • For older adolescents, the majority of work is in restaurants or retail sales • On average high school: – Sophom...
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