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13. Problems and resilience

Driver education generally hasnt worked too well get

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Unformatted text preview: quences zero tolerance policy Prevention: Two Approaches 1. Driver Education – Generally hasn’t worked too well… – Get your license faster…you’re out there driving and getting into accidents! 2. Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) – More effective – Address a variety of risk factors – Restrict the conditions under which novices can drive – Learning license – Restricted license – Driving curfews permit and then actual license after t ime gateway drugs problem- manipulated if you do this then you d o that Sequence of Substance Use Signs of Drug Use • changing circle of friends • undergoing emotional highs • defying rules and regulations • showing frustration and • 1. Drinking beer and • • • • or lows wine • • failing to inform parents of 2. Smoking cigarettes and drinking hard liquor giving in to peer pressure • sleeping more than usual • giving many excuses for staying out too late • 3. Smoking marijuana • • 4. Using “hard” drugs • changing to worse physical hygiene (e.g., cocaine, LSD) Reasons for Use Experimental Curiosity “to see what it’s like” once or twice Medicinal Use during social activities with one or more friends To relieve unpleasant emotional state such as sadness or anxiety Addictive Dependency either physical or psychological Social withdrawing from family functions see friends, "wont get addicted if i do it o nce" social - being offered what group is doing medicinal - useful but s hort-term significant school events and social activities intercepting the mail isolating self selling possessions playing parents against each other • undergoing a drastic weight change • developing a short temper • coming home drunk or high • exhibiting abusive behavior Substance Abuse Movie Clip hbo series- adolescent drug addiction "bud" marijuana "chilled me out and i like that feeling" 10 caps of shroom enough to kill you "wow im surprised im still alive" dylan - birth father left him, withdrew, depressed state, 5th grade alcohol and drugs, anything he can get access to, cutter, aggressive, cutting and burning his face with needle, rage episodes ted coping skill, dont want to give up drugs young adolescents havent learned other coping methods, drugs quick fix, other methods arent immediate Natural High • Laughing so hard • Finishing • • • • • • • Rock Climbing • Surfing • Skateboarding your face hurts A great idea A hu...
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