8. Family relationships.part 2

40 will come b ack for a period of t ime staying at

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Unformatted text preview: l stay in h ome til early 20s. -40% will come b ack for a period of t ime staying at home allows them to go t o school and save money -family can support t hem DISCUSSION STOP • How have your living arrangements with your parents affected you? clip -half the sky -subsystems -abuse, different p arenting styles, -Nhi has to work selling l ottery tickets - required b y father -abandoned by mother b ecause father was abusing mother. -father is in control -if im not hard on her s he'll grow soft and go h er own way and have a h ard life -not yet proud of d aughter -looking at more of s urvival -gabrielle wanted to say h es proud of her -father wants to keep her motivated -authoritarian style -korea - 2nd generation -feeling nostalgia - ABUSE IN THE FAMILY Abused Adolescents – Tend to be more aggressive in their interactions with peers – More likely to engage in antisocial behavior and substance use – More likely to be depressed and anxious – Perform more poorly in school SEXUAL ABUSE Sexually Abused Adolescents ABUSE – Have difficulty trusting others and forming intimate relationships – Experience depression, high anxiety, and social withdrawal – May become either highly avoidant of sexual contact or highly promiscuous – Higher risk for psychological disorders, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and behaviors Sexual Abusers – Feel inadequate in their relationships with adults – Prefer to seek sexual satisfaction from children, who are easier to contro...
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