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8. Family relationships.part 2

Brazil estimates of the number of street children

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Unformatted text preview: REN AROUND THE WORLD • As many as 100 million street children worldwide In Brazil estimates of the number of street children range from 7 to 30 million. Some return home in the evening bringing what they’ve collected. Others return home rarely. • Why children are on the streets: – Family dysfunction – Poverty – War – Family breakdown due to AIDS – Parental substance abuse – Physical and/or sexual abuse In India it is estimated there are over 10 million street children girls being homeless o r runaway -dont feel safe -no where to sleep -not enough to eat -conflict, wars, illness, aid, parents can be engaged in substance abuse, physical and s exual abuse - kiev, ukraine teens living in basements -if people knew they lived there they would be driven out young runaways, alcoholism and abuse abuse - found more relief and comfort in that type of environment than with family some go back to family and then running away again back and forth homeless for 21 years get kicked out, out in the cold again...
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