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8. Family relationships.part 1

most research on the effects of parenting styles

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Unformatted text preview: ty can increase s tress in parents or short t emper -adding layers of complexity -only child studies are more easier to study • Complexity of Siblings ! ! ! Most research on the effects of parenting styles involves only one adolescent per family ! PARENTING EFFECTS: A COMPLEX PICTURE • Differential Parenting – Parents’ behavior often differs toward siblings within the same family (East, 2009) • Non-shared Environmental Influences – Differential parenting can result in non-shared environmental influences might have had different p erspectives growing up -more money -more family trips -less money, different o pportunities -order of siblings, has more time with parents, l oses time with parents when siblings come in. -sibling rivalry -corrective scriptspurposely tries to NOT be t heir parent. -"for my children im not g oing to do that because i t didn't work for me" not good because they are...
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