8. Family relationships.part 1

demanding stop crying your fault you l eft it

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Unformatted text preview: ve and warmth, child is on airplane with dad, 6 years old wants stuffed animal t hrows tantrum. -demanding - stop crying, your fault you l eft it, responsiveness - why are you crying, i'd be u pset too, explanation, v alidation and u nderstanding, WHAT PARENTS MIGHT SAY… Authoritarian “Do it my way because I said so! Don’t argue with me … it’s my house and my rules” Adolescent: “Mom are you home? … Mom?” {no answer} … Adolescent: “I guess I make my own dinner again” Disengaged Authoritative “No you can’t go to the mall today. We made plans to visit your aunt in the hospital. How about we drop you off at your friend’s house on the way home? Good enough compromise?” “Sure you can have a party in the house while we’re away – the key to the liquor cabinet in is your father’s sock drawer” Permissive latch key kidd isengaged authoritativeencourages autonomy A MORE COMPLEX PICTURE OF PARENTING EFFECTS • Reciprocal or Bidirectional Effects ! Adolescents not only are affected by their parents but also affect their parent in return child with more energy and i mpulsivi...
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