8. Family relationships.part 1

Boundaries what happens when a family changes or

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Unformatted text preview: nction -disagreement should b e out in the open - Lack of boundaries • What happens when a family changes or modifies its rules? Authoritarian or LaissezFaire parenting • Homeostatic mechanisms, in an ongoing relationship between two people, help maintain their arrangement by restoring the rules that define their relationships. Family pull for “oneness” that obliterates individual differences CONTINUUM • Family functioning exists on a continuum with respect to their effectiveness • Flexible, adaptable, goalachieving systems vs. inflexible, undifferentiated, and ineffective systems no rules no authoritative figure, whatever you want, a l ot trust in child to t ake care of t hemselves, make mistakes can l earn from it by t hemselves, extreme, no opinion, s trict, direction, and rigidity -healthy is family has s pace to discover t heir own interests, can be part of family b ut can be separate with their own group, i f family likes football its okay to l ike basketball, -dysfunction i solation, more flexible in other areas, differentiation-western t erm - someone is s eparated from family, i ndependent, strong s ense of self and not d ependent on family nondifferentiation fusion, parents never l eft child, 30 still d ependent on parents, western because not true for every culture, SIBLING RELATIONSHIPS family reunioneveryo...
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