8. Family relationships.part 1

Chinese extended family relationships american

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Unformatted text preview: uy a house for extended family for p arents, cousins and h er own family. chinese - Extended Family Relationships American Majority Culture: • Adolescents’ contact with extended family members is relatively infrequent • Extended family members often live many miles away • American adolescents have significantly less contact with extended family than those in European countries adult children move o ut and then become even more separated when have kids -divorce they b ecome more closer, o pposite INTERACTION: DEMANDINGNESS & RESPONSIVENESS High Demandingness Authoritarian Authoritative l ow vs high plays a role i n which category they fall into. -permissive - laz efaire -authoritative - western i deal -disengaged- not p resent, disconnected, d oesnt know what's g oing on in life High Responsiveness Low Responsiveness Disengaged Permissive Low Demandingness PARENTING STYLES • Demandingness (i.e., control) • The degree to which parents set down rules and expectations for behavior and require their children to comply with them • Responsiveness (i.e., warmth) • The degree to which parents are sensitive to their children’s needs and the extent to which they express love, warmth, and concern for their children demanding - more rules, expectations, no flexibility -responsiveness s ensitivity, more expression of lo...
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