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2 europeans more choice college prep less of

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Unformatted text preview: e benefits and drawbacks of these different systems? "-.0%9:/-+0'(%7-:(;/302%1'40% '++/0(C70213+%+/-6/'.2 europeans more choice college prep - less of electives, vocational - mechanics, p lumbing professional - teaching, t herapist apprenticeship - hands o n in work setting doesnt mean they are l ocked in - can switch, g et more hands on t raining early on, but h as to choose earlier more pressure d iscouraged to go culinary or arts school sister - fidm - jeweler n egative comments on career choice small school vs large s chool? difference? What size school did you go to? BE - small school to large s chool d ifferent experience small school - everyone in s chool play, band, knew everyone, but no honor classes, ap classes, no electives, everyone took s ame classes, set up for y ou public school - below 4.0 weighted, many ap and h onors, play and choir many people trying - can't make it in. small - student is p articipant, exposed to more, but less variety large - student is observer Size of Effective Schools larger school - less attachment student's personality - s ome excell in d ifferent settings small school - more o pportunities for l eadership • Large school vs. small school • Supportive teachers, involved with students, dedicated • Some research claims direct negative relation between class size and academic performance • Firm-but-fair discipline • Other scholars claim that typical variation (between 20 and 40 students) has little affect on achievement • High expectations for student performance and conduct Higher attendance Higher achievement scores Lower rates of delinquency • Small Class Size...
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